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My name is Fergal O'Carroll and as principal and Chief Revenue Officer at Supercharge your sales velocity (SYS Velocity), my mission is to help young companies to smash their ambitious sales targets by offering sales and marketing leadership on demand, without the high salary, commission and hiring fees.

I am a seasoned, hands-on sales and marketing professional and have built and managed highly successful, large scale teams that delivered exceptional value to customers. I have held numerous leadership positions, including Board Member, C-Level Executive, Vice President, Sales Director, Managing Director, and other senior roles within globally established tech companies and local start-ups. My leadership skills have helped drive successful exits and multiple acquisitions.

I am a quick learner and a hands-on professional with significant experience in management, leadership, coaching, enterprise and mid-market sales, marketing, consulting, and business transformation. 

Seed, start-up or scale-up, whatever stage your SaaS business is at, together in partnership, we can build a predictable lead generation framework, supercharge your sales velocity, and deliver the revenue growth you crave.


Start the process now with a free one hour consultation with me. 

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